The Age of Majority, a novel

The rebellious teen, Calvin Ducane moves to Washington D.C. from small town Ohio and the big city immediately piques his interest. It’s also an election year, full of pomp and circumstance. Soon after arriving, Calvin meets Mr. Eli Gibson, a powerful lobbyist who—unbeknownst to  Calvin—lures him into a blackmail and prostitution ring. Eli’s clientele are among Washington’s most elite. The Age of Majority law affords Calvin (he has reached the age of eighteen) a double life by signing himself out of school without supervision. His life begins to spiral out of control, except for when he’s around the bookkeeper, Nora Dalton. Calvin grows wild for her and she and Eli both know it. Nora helps him mature and learn the ins and outs of his new role as a courier and messenger for the enterprise. An investigation and negative press of Gibson turns the operation into a scandal. Soon thereafter, things reach the point of no return, but questions still remain: will everyone get out alive and unharmed? And how thin is the line between good and evil? The Age of Majority is based on true events.

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