The Age of Majority, a novel

Once the rebellious teen, Calvin Ducane moves to Washington D.C. from small town Ohio, the big city immediately piques his interest. It’s the election year of 1988, and the pomp and circumstance of inaugurating the next president of the United States is well under way.

Soon after arriving, Calvin meets Mr. Eli Gibson, a powerful lobbyist who, unbeknownst to Calvin, lures the young man into a political blackmail and prostitution ring. Eli’s clientele are among Washington’s most elite; he makes his living by blackmailing them for hush money.

The Age of Majority law affords Calvin (after reaching the age of eighteen) the power to sign himself out of school without supervision. A double life ensues which begins to spiral out of control; that is, unless he’s spending time with Gibson’s bookkeeper, Nora Dalton. Calvin grows wild for her and she and Eli both know it. Nora helps the young man mature and learn his new role as courier and messenger for the enterprise. Calvin is on top of the world. 

An untimely investigation and negative press of Gibson turns the operation into a scandal. The authorities are looking for Eli and he’s nowhere to be found. Soon thereafter, things reach the point of no return, but questions still remain: will everyone get out alive with reputations unscathed? And how thin is the line between good and evil in this city that plays for keeps?

The Age of Majority is based on true events.

Coming soon!

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